Protection during a fallWorkAir, the waistcoat designed to protect against the damage of the pendulum effect.


WorkAir effectively protects back and thorax with its vital organs.

WorkAir is absolutely the first airbag for the protection of workers at height to be industrialised and certified as Personal Protective Equipment. WorkAir, totally designed and manufactured in Italy, applies Intelligent Clothing technology to the world of work, effectively responding to needs not yet covered by other PPE.

  • Active protection in 40 milliseconds
  • Protection starting from a minimum height of 1.2 m and up to 2 m for free falls
  • Above 2 m protection against trauma due to the pendulum effect
  • The device weighs only 1 kg
  • When activated, it expands to cover an area approximately 20 per cent larger than when deflated
  • 18 hours of continuous use rechargeable with USB-C socket.
  • LED and vibration alert the user to the status of the system (battery charge, airbag activated, faults).
  • 286 individual tests concluded with certification


The protective equipment complies with the essential health and safety requirements applicable to all PPE and listed in Annex II of EU Regulation 2016/425.


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