Genesi know to protect.

Solutions for confined spaces and working at heights.

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for confined space safety and working at height. From the Made in Italy production of devices to the specific training of dedicated personnel. With the Genesi method, we provide the necessary tools to ensure a safe working environment, every day.

Genesi Genesi

Shared knowledge,
Genesis of protection

We offer solutions for the protection of workers at height and the securing of confined spaces.

Genesi Genesi

Know to protect

Protection at the center.

We do not just offer a finished product, but concrete solutions, answers that lead to the creation of the best protection systems for worker safety. This is a commitment that unites the Genesi S.r.l. team and extends to our suppliers.


Genesi Academy

Genesi Genesi
There is no protection without knowledge.

Genesi Academy is the epicenter of interaction, communication, and updates for anyone working at height and in confined spaces.


For over 20 years, responsible for your safety.

Genesi al Safety Expo 2024

Genesi al Safety Expo 2024

Discover Genesi Protection’s Innovative Solutions at Safety Expo 2024! Click here to learn more!

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About us

Da oltre 20 anni responsabili della vostra sicurezza.

Your safety, our responsibility.

Genesi was born from the desire to redefine customer centrality, responding to their needs with innovative and high-quality solutions.