Genesi SC12NWStability, versatility and security in vertical access.

Genesi SC12NW

Stability, versatility and safety are the main features of the Genesi SC12 NW system.

Thanks to its telescopic arm, it can reach 1200 mm extension with intermediate adjustments to 782 and 918 mm. The large reach provides a secure anchorage point and ensures safety even in the case of distant access points or the presence of obstacles or obstructions.

The device has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail to be ergonomic, easy to handle, simple to assemble and as light as possible in order to make every intervention safe, effective and efficient.

The octagonal structure and anodised aluminium of the Genesi SC12 NW make it an extremely durable and lightweight solution capable of protecting up to 3 operators at the same time.


PPE regulation 2016/425 EN795:2012 type B
CEN/TS 16415:2013 type B


Genesi SC12NW
  • Adjustable in three arm lengths with a maximum of 1200 mm
  • Standard equipment with two attachment plates for retractors with recovery function or winches
  • Equipped with additional anchorage point
  • Octagonal profile for increased mechanical strength
  • Entirely made of anodised aluminium for lightness and protection
  • Easy to install and use
  • Certified for three operators


  • Excellent performance

  • Reduced aesthetic impact

  • Adaptability to any type of roofing, even at reduced load bearing capacity

  • Tailor-made design of supports

  • Ergonomics

  • Lightness

  • Ergonomics and ease of use

  • Total speed and safety during access and retrieval;

  • Ease of transport, thanks to robust and lightweight materials;

  • Ease and speed of installation; the system assembles in minutes;

  • Reduced footprint

Bases and supports

Genesi SC12NW

BUMP73 is the patented solution that can be used for both wall and floor installation. It is made from a single aluminium body to ensure exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance.

This base is ideal for all Genesi SC systems. Its lightness and robustness facilitate installation in any context, while ensuring a high level of safety and durability.

Flexibility is a hallmark of BUMP73, through the use of appropriate adapters, it can support the Genesi SC3, Genesi SC6NW, Genesi SC6F or the Genesi SC12NW mobile anchoring devices.


Standard EN795:2012 type B and CEN/TS 16415:2013 type B

IPR Regulation – 2016/425 MODULE B and C2


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