Anchor PointsType A anchor and deviation points for securing any tipe of roof.

Anchor Points

Genesi’s “type A” anchor and deviation points are characterized by such flexibility and versatility as to make them ideal for securing any type of roof, useful for the safe anchoring of one or two operators simultaneously.  

Thanks to their versatility of use, they can be fixed directly to structures or through structural anchors, constituting an autonomous anchor point for work at height or a part of an individual protection system against falls from above for anchoring, diversion or withholding.  

Available in painted aluminum or stainless steel.

Advantages of system

  • Practicality

  • Solidity

  • High quality standards  

  • Simplicity and speed of installation   

  • Design according to ergonomic criteria

  • Easy to use

  • Wide range  

  • Ten-year product warranty  

  • Certifications according to the strictest sector regulations  

  • Testing to verify proper installation

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