Confined and suspected polluted environments

€ 250

The course deals with the risks associated with activities carried out in confined environments.

These require special measures to mitigate the risk in terms of work organisation, PPE, education and training.

Risk situations in work in confined environments suspected of pollution are examined and practices developed over time that provide a reference for risk mitigation solutions.

In the practical part, situations of entry into confined environments in normal activity and in an emergency without entry of the rescuer are simulated.

Course aimed at those who require basic training and instruction for work in confined and/or suspected polluted environments.


Theoretical module

  • presentation of the course;
  • purpose and fields of application;
  • definition of confined environments laws and regulations;
  • requirements for companies Presidential Decree 177;
  • site preparation: risk assessment, work permit;
  • operational and emergency management procedures;
  • learning verification test.

Modulo pratico

  • PPE, checking and dressing;
  • use of the lanyard with dissipator at height;
  • use of vertical lifeline with shuttle and dissipator;
  • entry into a vertical confined space with fall arrest device;
  • rescuing an injured person in a vertical confined space without rescuer entry.

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