Innovating to grow

Genesis Project. Initiative implemented under Axis III. Promoting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Innovating to grow

Project description:

First of all, the project represents an important milestone. Since it could lead to the realisation of the objectives adopted by the company.

This project in particular takes into account strategy policies. Policies that at a regional and national level give support and backing to companies at an international level.

Similarly, the project sets objectives. Goals that are complex but at the same time easily attainable. At the same time becoming the first in the international market.

Following these activities/investments:

-Participating in the Dusseldorf trade fair 2019;

-Gain professional and technical skills at an international level;

-Obtain product certifications for trading in international markets;

-Power our position and create/structure networks on a European level;

-Improve our position in the European market in a short time;

-Create a strategic international trade platform on a global level .