DPI 3° Category

€ 250

The course aims to address issues related to risk assessment of activities carried out at height.

During the course, risk situations in temporary work at height and good practices developed over time will be examined, providing a reference for risk mitigation solutions.

In the practical part, situations of handling at height in normal activities and in emergencies are simulated; equipment and PPE will be used to be able to operate correctly at height, especially in emergency management.

Course aimed at those who require basic training and instruction for work in confined and/or pollution-suspected environments.


Theoretical module

  • presentation of the course;
  • purpose and fields of application;
  • EN laws and standards;
  • EN 795 anchorages;
  • choice of PPE;
  • unarmed suspension;
  • learning verification test.

Practical module

  • PPE, pre-use check and dressing;
  • handling at height on linear and/or point anchors;
  • use of double lanyard with dissipator;
  • use of vertical lifeline with shuttle and dissipator;
  • rescue manoeuvre on free fall < 60 cm;
  • final de-briefing;
  • course appreciation test.

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