Laying & Maintenance

€ 400

The aim of the course is to update the qualified installer, providing him/her with all the theoretical/practical information on the latest developments for the correct installation of protection systems against falls from a height, in compliance with the regulations in force and the manufacturer’s prescriptions; in particular, the technical checks to verify correct installation and the procedures for correct maintenance.

The course is aimed at workers, employers, managers, supervisors, RSPP, RLS, etc.


Theoretical module

  • Course presentation;
  • Entrance test;
  • Product news;
  • Normative references;
  • Documentary references;
  • Installation criteria;
  • Testing and maintenance criteria;
  • Final learning test.

Practical module

  • Installation of new fall arrest systems and verification of correct installation;
  • Installation of vertical line;
  • Installation of new collective protection system;
  • satisfaction test of the course performed.

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