Genesi Mobile Academy

The identity of a company consists in the coherence between what it does and what it says, it is with this in mind that the need to give life to GAM: knowledge at home was born.

We have put our digital footprint on GAM, the medium with which we will bring the knowledge of our IRATA International-certified Genesi trainers to companies throughout Italy and give them the opportunity to use, exclusively, the solutions designed and created by us for confined environments and work at height.

Our imprint, our signature, a guarantee of quality.

For these reasons it becomes the graphic basis of the new GAM, which tells about who we are and the way we work, it tells about the years of work to safeguard workers at height and in a confined environment.

This is why safety becomes itinerant and this is how our journey begins, the imprint then merges with maps, routes and roads to be travelled to reach the objective, to spread safety!

The topographical map, preparation for the journey.

The map represents not only the journey but also its preparation, the topographical map allows an in-depth study of the morphology of the territory. In the same way as analysing the territory, we study the more or less complex needs of our clients in order to design routes for securing buildings-both residential and productive.

Maps, streets and roads.

With this project we want to promote the culture of safety by bringing it directly into companies, with a van equipped to reproduce the most common cases of working at heights and in confined environments.

Maps, streets and roads.

Genesi Mobile Academy carries decades of experience and leadership in the industry and makes them available to all companies wishing to consolidate their knowledge and discover new solutions to protect their workers.

Let’s set out to reach the whole of Italy: from north to south a blue wave of security.