LanyardsA wide choice of fall prevention lanyards with dissipators and restraint positioning, with the possibility of customising the matching connectors.


Fall protection lanyards are PPE useful for connecting the harness to the intended individual fall protection system. Genesi offers a wide range of lanyards to best cover any need for use by operators, depending mainly on the activity to be performed; fall arrest, positioning or restraint.
All Genesi lanyards are equipped with connectors and certified according to current regulations.

Fall protection
Compliant with EN 354 and EN355. They are lanyards equipped with an energy absorber and designed for use in places exposed to the risk of falling from heights. Some models can be used in the presence of high temperatures and others, due to their constitution, can be used on sharp edges.

Compliant with EN 358. Adjustable lanyards to be used for positioning work only.

Compliant with EN 354. Lanyards without energy absorbers that can only be used as restraints, i.e. in work without risk of falling from a height.


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