Alux Crab RailInstallable on ceiling, wall or floor

Alux Crab Rail

The Genesi Alux Crab rail is an anchor device that complies with EN 795:2012 Type D, CEN/TS16415:2013 and UNI11578:2015 standards and allows the protection of up to 3 operators.

Made of a special anodized aluminum alloy, its profile has been specially designed to ensure light weight, great versatility in design, ease of installation and low visual impact. AluxCrab can be installed on the ceiling, wall or floor with a maximum distance between fixings of 3 meters, and the joint can be made at any point in the span between two fixings.

A range of curves, fasteners and special brackets are available, which can also be designed ad hoc, to make the rail a safe anchor that is fully integrated and can be integrated into the structure to be secured. AluxCrab can be used with the dedicated mobile anchor point, XC10A, made of stainless steel with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance characteristics.

The XC10A trolley was developed to ensure excellent sliding in all three types of installation thanks to the special brass-coated rolling bearings.

AluxCrab is made of materials that prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges and the generation of triggers and can be configured in the version for suspended work with fasteners placed at most every 1.5 meters. In the application for suspended work, two trolleys must be used, one of which is equipped with a special brake to stop movement on the rail.


Alux Crab Rail



XC02 – XC03 – XC04







Openable end stop


Fixed end stop

XC01 Rail

Binary designed to provide protection for up to three operators with a system of compact dimensions and low visual impact, which can be installed on the ceiling, wall or floor.


Material: aluminum extrusion

Lenght: poles of max 3 m

XC02 Ceiling and floor curve

Component that enables a 90-degree curve in ceiling and floor, left and right.

Material: aluminum extrusion

Angle: 90°

XC03 Internal wall curve

Component for making an internal 90° curve in wall installations.

Material: aluminum extrusion

Angle: 90°

XC04 External wall curve

Component for making an external 90° curve in wall installations.

Material: aluminum extrusion

Angle: 90°

XC21 Junction

Junction designed to connect two sections of rail, thanks to an EPD insert that provides continuity and facilitates locking and positioning in the rail. Only one splice can be made between two fasteners.

Material: stainless steel ed EPDM

XC10A Trolley

Mobile anchor device designed to be used individually in fall arrest configuration or in pairs (two XC10A) for suspended work.

Material: stainless steel with 4 high-slip wheels

XC19 Openable end stop

Openable end stop used to prevent accidental exit of the mobile anchor device (XC10A) and, at the same time, allow its insertion.The device is designed so that it can only be opened by two voluntary movements and closes automatically upon release.

Material: aluminum extrusion

XC20 Fixed end stop

Fixed end stop used to prevent accidental exit of the movable device, and the use of the two blocks, prevents its removal from the rail.

Material: aluminum, stainless stee and EPDM 

XC31 Fixing clamp

Clamp with double fasteners XC31 for wall and floor installations and for making rail end fasteners.

The free rail section (cantilevered) should never exceed 20 cm from the end fasteners.

Material: stainless steel

XC32 Fixing clamp

Intermediate clamp used as intermediate in wall and floor installations and can also be used as terminal in ceiling installations.

Material: stainless steel

XC30 Carpentry fixing

Carpentry direct attachment insert designed for use in ceiling, floor or wall installations.

Material: stainless steel

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