Temporary Anchoring DevicesAnchoring devices for temporary works at height.

Temporary Anchoring Devices

To ensure safe anchoring to operators engaged in temporary work at height or where it is not possible to install permanent anchoring devices, Genesi offers various temporary anchoring solutions.

The “B” type temporary belt anchoring points guarantee the ergonomics necessary for work at height that involve short movements of the operator, while the “B” type temporary anchor lines, in textile material, allow greater freedom of movement.

Finally, the “E” type “dead body” anchoring devices are equipped with an anchoring point consisting of neoprene bags filled with water or concrete blocks.

All temporary anchoring devices comply with the technical standard EN 795, as a 3rd category PPE, and CE marked in accordance with Directive 89/686 / EEC (Legislative Decree 475/1992).

Note: The use of temporary anchoring devices involves the design of an adequate fall arrest system that takes into account the tie rods, pendulum effects and any fall factors.