Retractable DevicesRetractable devices to connect the operator to the fall arrest system.

Retractable Devices

Retractable devices, such as lanyards, perform the function of connecting the operator to the fall arrest system, but allow him a greater range of movement.

When choosing the most suitable retractable device for your needs, it is essential to take into consideration the application for which it is intended to determine the type of device and the most suitable length.

Precisely due to the greater length of the cable, it is essential to evaluate the type of activity to be carried out in order to choose the type of retractable and the most suitable length.

Genesi exclusively offers retractable devices that comply with specific use regulations.

Fall Arrest

Compliant with EN 360. Retractable devices against falls from above.


Compliant with standard EN 1496 cl. B. Retractable devices with rescue crank: in the event of a fall, the other operator can help, recovering the injured person from above, by acting on the crank of the system


Compliant with standard EN 341. Retractable devices able to allow autonomous rescue to the operator on hook. In the event of a fall, the product blocks the operator and then accompanies him to the ground at a controlled speed. Before choosing a retractable device with these characteristics, it is essential to check that the space below the work area is free from obstacles and that the length of the rope is sufficient to allow the operator to reach the ground.