Genesi SC6NWCertified protection for 3 operators in vertical accesses.

Genesi SC6NW

The Genesi SC6NW system is the result of careful design, making it the lightest certified 3-operator solution on the market.

This solution is the result of meticulous research into materials and geometry: the special aluminium alloy, anodisation and octagonal shape optimise performance and allow each of its components to be easily transported by a single person. Optimisation also involved the installation method, made quick and easy by a housing on the arm to fix it to the pole, so it can be installed by a single operator.


PPE regulations 2016/425 EN795:2012 type B
CEN/TS 16415:2013 type B


Genesi SC6NW
  • Adjustable in 2 arm lengths at max 570mm
  • Standard equipment with two attachment plates for retractors with recovery function or winches
  • Additional anchorage point available
  • Octagonal shape to increment the mechanical strength
  • Entirely made of anodised aluminium for light weight and protection
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Certified for 3 operators


Genesi SC6NW

1 . Genesi Arm SC6NW (118-3003-0701)
2 . Adapter for pulley assembly (118-03001-1500)
3 . Staggered fall arrest system bracket (118-3002-1000)
3*. Optional staggered anti-fall system support (118-3002-1000)
4 .Universal bracket for fixing adapters (179-0903-0001)
5 . Crane arm cap (118-3002-0800)
6 . Anchor point (118-3003-0400)
7 . Pivot 130mm (661-2023-0002)
8 . Pivot 160mmm (661-2023-0001)
9 . Genesi pole SC6 (118-3003-1200)
10 . Black handle (118-3002-1100)


  • High performance level

  • Reduced visual impact

  • Adaptable to any type of roof, even low load-bearing capacity

  • Custom design

  • Light weight

  • Ergonomic and easy to use

  • Total speed and safety during access and recovery

  • Easy to transport, thanks to robust and lightweight materials

  • Easy and quick installation, the system is assembled in minutes

  • Reduced size


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Hanging tank – Milan

Hanging tank – Milan

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