Genesi SCTYDifferent configurations for protection in confined spaces.

Genesi SCTY

Uniqueness and innovation meet efficiency and versatility in the new Genesi SCTY solution. This unique solution is designed to provide different configurations with a single product: self-supporting ground mounting or tow-hook mounting, Genesi SCTY adapts perfectly, meeting every need with a single system; and does so quickly and easily. Genesi SCTY is the embodiment of the Genesi philosophy – quality and innovation without compromise.

Genesi SCTY ensures seamless integration, guaranteeing unrivalled readiness for action. Every detail has been taken care of to ensure maximum flexibility, allowing the protection of different operators depending on the mobile device chosen.


DPE Regulation 2016/425 EN795:2012 type B
CEN/TS 16415:2013 type B


Genesi SCTY
  • Versatility
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Three configurations
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Entirely made of aluminium
  • Certified for 2-3 operators


Genesi SCTY

1. Central core GNSSC (1 piece)

2. Adjustable and swivelling supports (3 pieces)

3. Main stabilising bars (2 pieces) lenght: 1300 mm

4. Self-supporting stabilisation bar (1 piece)

5. Floor-mounted configuration accessory GNSSC-FIXM16

6. Tow bar configuration accessory GNSSC-FIXVAN


Self supporting configuration

Depending on the geometric access configuration and distance, the main elements can be mounted in one of the configurations shown on the following pages.
Mounting the elements in a self-supporting configuration provides a stable and secure support for the installation of one of the planned mobile devices and securing the elements with safety PINs.

Floor-mounted configuration

Mounting the elements in a T-shaped configuration with ground fixing allows the GNSSC- FIXM16 accessory to fasten the system to the ground by means of a M16 fastener (sold separately), the rear extension is tied to the structure by means of an M16 fastener. An adjustable ground fixing model GNSSC-FIXM16 (sold separately) is required for mounting in this configuration.

Hitch-mounted configuration

Mounting the elements in a T-hook configuration allows, via the GNSSC-FIXVAN accessory (sold separately), the system to be attached to the tow hook of a suitable vehicle.

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