Fall protection netsS-type fall arrest nets for temporary collective protection systsems.

Fall protection nets

S-type fall arrest nets are, as a rule, temporary collective protection systems designed to hold the operator in the event of a fall.

Thanks to their geometric characteristics, fall arrest nets are particularly suitable for the protection of large areas such as the assembly of load-bearing carpentry structures supporting the roofs of buildings or infrastructures, or for the temporary protection of skylights without shatterproof approval or during the assembly of prefabricated structures.

Genesi offers a range of ‘S’ type nets in polyamide and polypropylene with 10 x 10 cm square or rhomboidal mesh, available from stock in various standard sizes; made-to-measure nets are available to order (in compliance with current standards) and ready in a few days.

Genesi’s nets must be replaced every 5 years and are subject to an annual inspection, which is carried out by sending the company samples of material placed on one side of the net for chemical and physical analysis to ascertain the good condition of the fibres.

Safety net type ‘S’ made of polyamide square mesh

Square-meshed safety and protection net type ‘S’ to be used in construction and assembly work as a device to stop people falling.

Mesh: Squared 10 x 10 cm 

Available sizes: made on order

Complies with EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2.

Safety net type ‘S’ in polyamide rhomboid mesh

Safety and protection net type ‘S’ with rhomboid mesh for use in construction and assembly work as a device for arresting falling persons.

Sizes: rhomboids 10 x 10 cm
Misure disponibili: 5 x 10 m | 5 x 15 m | 5 x 20 m | 5 x 25 m

Complies with EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2.


Ring connector

Galvanised steel ring connector with screw lock.

Material: galvanised steel 

Sizes: 10,8 x 6 cm 

Resistance: 20 kN
Complies with EN 362.

Ring strap

It is wrapped around the beams and used to connect the net to the structure.

Materiale: polyamide
Lunghezza150 x 30 cm
Complies with EN 354/EN 795 type B

Splice braid

It is used to join two adjacent ‘S’-type nets.

Material: polyester 

Colour: white
Diameter: 8 mm
Lenght: 100 m coils

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