Ladders with Integrated RailLadder system with the maximum deisgn flexibility.

Ladders with Integrated Rail

Safeladder is the ideal ladder system for access to roofs, characterized by such modularity and versatility as to guarantee maximum design flexibility.  

The system is particularly suitable in situations where there is a need to access on the roof even at high altitudes, as it is equipped with side uprights and an integrated rail to accommodate the dedicated sliding shuttle, characteristics that give the system maximum ergonomics and safety during access and descent from the roof. 

Safeladder is made up of three main sections: a starting element with a locking system to prevent access by unauthorized personnel, central modules in an appropriate quantity to cover the desired height and a final section, or “landing”, useful for allowing the operator to access the cover without detaching himself from the protection system. 

Advantages of the system

  • Maximum levels of ergonomics and safety

  • High versatility

  • Lightness

  • Modularity

  • Simplicity and speed of installation

  • High performance materials

  • Certifications according to the strictest sector regulations

  • CE marking

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