RS03 400 mm access recovery chuteChute for the recovery in confined spaces.

RS03 400 mm access recovery chute

Recovery chute for horizontal access

The recovery of operators engaged in work inside confined spaces, or environments suspected of pollution brings with it a high degree of criticality and, in the event of illness or injury to the person, a further critical risk factor.

Genesi has developed a complete range of systems to solve the problems and risks associated with accessing and retrieving operators from confined spaces or environments suspected of pollution. The systems are designed to guarantee maximum ergonomics, ease of use and versatility in applications.


  • Elimination of the risk of injury when passing the spine over the flange edge during entry and exit phases

  • Elimination of the risk of damage to the retractable system cable

  • Total speed and safety during entry and recovery phases

  • Ease of transport, thanks to robust and lightweight materials

  • Easy and fast installation, the system is assembled in minutes

  • High-performance materials

  • Reduced space

  • Also available in antistatic plastic version

RS03 400 mm access recovery chute

Used to facilitate recovery in the event of an accident within confined spaces with small horizontal access (400 ≤ 450 mm). Cannot be used to prevent falls. Equipped with an attachment for attaching a ladder.

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