diga 2

Securing of reservoir infrastructure.

Calvanella Dam

Plant: Genesis crane arm SC12

Dams, reservoirs, and reservoirs need constant monitoring and maintenance.

In this specific case, the need was to ensure safe access for operators inside the dam burrow and the possibility of recovery in case of emergency.

The critical issues encountered:

  • difficult access to the burrow
  • high slope of the transit route
  • risk of slipping
  • difficulty of easy recovery in case of emergency

After careful risk assessment, the solutions put in place will allow for safer operation.

A ladder with integrated rail and curved landing has been installed to access the shaft, and the outer perimeter made safe by guardrail and access gate.

Extraction management is provided by the floor-bound SC12 crane boom.

The route inside the shaft is made safe and easy by the provision of calendered wall track

that secures the operator during transit, while an overhead track has been provided for emergency which, with

appropriate PPE will be used for extraction.

Finally, specific operating procedures of the actions to be performed and the attached rescue management procedures have been drafted.

In order to make the best use of the installed solutions and apply the drafted procedures, operator training and education is essential.

And that is why each participant was trained in the use and management of the emergency, simulating realistic scenarios, aware of achieving the goal.