duomo di pavia

Securing the interior cornices of the cathedral and access to the spire.

Cathedral of Pavia

Plant: Lifeline and vertical/inclined lifeline

One area where the risk of falling from height is present but frequently overlooked is in historic buildings and places of worship.

Within these structures, lighting and sound systems are placed on the interior cornices, which, in most cases, are located at very high elevations.

Genesis also pays special attention to these places with dedicated solutions aimed at solving the most common problems.

In this project, it was chosen to install on the various levels of cornices a lifeline that, thanks to its dedicated sliding shuttle, allows those performing maintenance to move freely around the entire perimeter of the structure without hindrance.

The securing of the Pavia Cathedral is not limited to the interior part, even the access to the spire that reaches 97 meters in height was performed with permanent Alu12 anchorage points and lifeline to allow, here too, those performing maintenance to move safely.

For this particular project, given the special architectural value (FAI heritage), tensile tests were carried out on the fixing bars of the structural elements. On the cornices, lifelines were installed to serve the workers installing anti-pigeon devices and luminaries in general. The vertical lifelines starting from the first cornice, reach the sum of the dome at 100m height, where the cross symbolizing the worship building is located.