Freestanding loading bays Milan

Securing loading/unloading area.

Plant: Rail, self-supporting loading bays

Self-supporting loading bays are a customized solution used to secure a loading/unloading area. It is a removable system that is ideal when fixed structures or foundations are not possible.

The installation of loading bays with ballasts or counterweights is an anti-fall system that must eventually be studied, designed and implemented according to the criticality of the site. It is not a simple installation, it is a design job!

The particularity of this project is the presence of manholes and culverts, which resulted in the impossibility of making plinths or excavations in general, consequently we opted for the installation of self-supporting loading bays.

The work, carried out close to a wall, was further complicated by the presence of an existing carpentry work, which required the installation of counterweights below it.

The result is a solution that:

  • integrates seamlessly with the plant;
  • enables daily loading/unloading and tank cleaning operations in complete safety;
  • Can be used by 4 operators;
  • Minimizes the geometric impact of the fall arrest device support structure on vehicle passageways

Ad hoc work to ensure worker safety at all times.