Purification tanks – Occhiobello

Securing decanters

Plant: Horizontal track

Sewage treatment plants are intended for the treatment of wastewater. Particular process by which water from civil and industrial discharges is decontaminated.

Various stages make it possible to purify, that is, remove toxic substances from liquid wastes, turning them into sludge. The latter, since it is not yet completely free of harmful material, in turn undergoes other treatments. Finally, the sludge obtained can be disposed of in landfills, used in agriculture or delivered to composting plants.


Facilities require routine inspections to ensure quality standards. Routine checks, carried out on the basis of an annual program, include:

  • The verification of the management and adequacy of the sewage treatment plant;
  • The collection of municipal wastewater samples for laboratory analysis.

The monitoring data allow the impacts of individual pollutants on the ecological status of water bodies to be assessed and the evaluation related to the achievement of quality objectives to be carried out.

Purification tanks: the circular-shaped decanters at the Occhiobello site have a guardrail on the outside. In this case, the people in charge of controls, cleaning and maintenance move on a curb with the risk of falling inside the tank. A restraint system was therefore installed on the walkway, consisting of a rail calendered to follow the circumference perfectly.

This solution makes it possible to:

  • Work in restraint excluding the danger of falling by associating the right choice of PPE;
  • Give continuity of use without the need to step over intermediate supports manually.

Returning clean water to the environment is not only a duty enshrined in law but also is a social responsibility, let’s do it safely.