mura di marostica

Securing the wall patrol for tourist access.

Walls of Marostica

Plant: Protection of the tourist walkway with Binary

A highly prestigious job was done for the famous city of Marostica, surrounded by great walls dating back to the Venetian rule. In order to allow tourists access to the wall patrol walkway, which in some places touches 18 meters in height at a slope of more than 45°, it was necessary to find a practical and user-friendly solution, for these reasons the rail was chosen for the work in restraint.

The rail, in addition to having the possibility of calendering it at will*, is a product that, combined with its shuttle, provides an excellent anchorage point on both horizontal and inclined planes. Considering the high risk of falling constituted by the lacework, it was necessary to apply the rail along the entire length of the tourist path, so there is now a rail over 300 meters in length that integrates perfectly with the pre-existing railing protecting the inner side.

The particularity of this intervention lies in the fact that the walkway patrol does not have a constant gait but is composed of several sections with different slopes and curvatures. Therefore, it was necessary to shape each section of track to marry the geometry of the parapet to which it was attached.

In summary, this track is a highly flexible solution that can be adapted to any support, as in this case, of high historical and architectural significance.