Safety turns Genesi Blue!

A range of solutions for confined spaces

Safety turns Genesi Blue!

It has been 8 years since we began our journey to discover the best solutions to protect workers engaged in activities in confined spaces. 

We have grown so much that we have become a point of reference for all the players committed to guaranteeing the safety of workers at height and in confined spaces.

Magnificent years, full of satisfaction, in which we have invested and worked to support our customers from risk analysis to choosing the best solution, from installation to training up to device maintenance

The continuous search for quality, the constant desire for improvement and the integrity that have always distinguished us have pushed us to design, test, certify and produce a range of solutions that are among the best on the market. The Genesi SC systems are the result of experience gained firsthand in installation, use and training and the result of Italian creativity and attention to design that has combined exceptional performance with a modern and captivating look.

Genesi SC systems are entirely anodized in blue to make them more protected from external agents, more resistant to scratches and abrasions and to avoid contaminating production processes.

Safety in confined spaces takes on a new color: Genesi Blue!