Temporary anchoring devicesA wide range of devices for temporary anchorages.


In order to ensure safe anchorage for operators engaged in temporary work at height or where it is not possible to install permanent anchorage devices, Genesi offers various temporary anchorage solutions.

Genesi provisional anchorage devices fall into two types.

Type B are devices equipped with one or more anchorage points that do not require structural anchorage or fixing elements to the structure.
Anchorage webbing and temporary lines fall into this category.

Type E are anchorage devices for which the protective performance depends solely on the mass and friction between the anchorage and the surface.

All temporary anchor devices comply with the technical standard EN 795 Type B or Type E and are certified according to the PPE Regulation 2016/425, as third category PPE.

Please note: The use of temporary anchorage devices entails the design of an appropriate fall arrest system that takes into account air draughts, pendulum effects and possible fall factors.


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