GangwaysA modular gangway system to create safe routes at any altitude.


Genesi offers a complete range of aluminium gangways and walkways, designed to create safe routes at height. Genesi gangways comply with the EN 14122-2 standard.

The gangways are characterised by their modularity and versatility, making them adaptable to any route at height.

They consist of 25 cm deep side profiles and walkways with a standard width of 60 cm, available from 90 cm.

For special requirements it is possible to reinforce the structure to have walkways up to 120 cm wide.

Thanks to their conformation, profiles and decks can be assembled to form stairs and walkways of sheds or steeply sloping sections.

For all situations in which the standard configuration is not suitable, our technical department is also available to study and realise ad hoc solutions according to specific project requirements.


  • Tailor made design
  • Continuity of routes in changes of slope
  • Maximum flexibility during the designing phase
  • Lightness
  • Modularity
  • Simplicity and speed of installation
  • Ten-year product warranty

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