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Securing loading bays.

Dairy of Collecchio

Implant: Safeaccess® track

This intervention is an example of how Genesi is also able to meet customer needs with ad hoc solutions.

Genesi was chosen by the company in Colecchio to secure the loading, unloading and incoming control bays of its factories.

The securing intervention for the plant involved the unloading, raw material picking and tanker washing areas, each arranged on one lane for a total of three bays. The need was to protect the operators engaged in the three phases.

The Lactalis group, to which the company belongs, has homogeneous fall hazard area safety provisions in all domestic and foreign plants.

The solution devised for the Collecchio plant envisaged the adoption of a track, equipped with bends at the beginning of the track that allow the retractable device to be brought as close as possible to the wall, so as not to create obstruction on the aisle in the situation of the device at rest.