Geotechnical engineering – Pordenone

Securing all roofs and related accesses.

Installation: Vertical lifeline, ladders with integrated track, Libera lifeline, AP36 and ALU12 anchorage points, walkways and guardrails

The intervention involved all the buildings on the Fontanafredda site, which chose us to secure roofs that presented both the risk of falls to the outside of the building and the risk of falls to the inside, which is possible if the skylights on the roof are broken.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the extreme difference of the 5 five buildings involved, which are characterized by different types of roofing: some with sheet metal shed roofing, one building partly with shed and partly with flat roofing, one with sheet metal barrel vaults, and one with pitched roofing and tile roofing.

The technical implications due to this structural situation were extensively studied in the risk analysis phase to ensure a highly functional solution.

The ultimate goal was to allow the user, thanks to the deep customization, the agile use of all the installed systems, we also provided an ad hoc made training video, to facilitate the understanding of the use procedures.

The work included the securing of access routes, so vertical lifelines were installed on the existing ladders; instead, we built several ladders with integrated track, some removable and some fixed, for access and for movement in the roof from shed to shed.

The main interventions to secure the sheet metal roofs involved the use of AP36 anchorage points and life lines mod. LIBERA mounted on AP23 plates fixed with rivets. A number of walkways were also put in place to serve the lifelines, useful for safe passage over skylights.

The wall lifelines were mounted on special posts fixed to concrete or with counter plates on carpentry, while the ceiling lifeline equipped with special shuttle was used.

For the flat roof, the guardrail mounted on steelwork in place using counter plates was used; in a small area, it was necessary to use the guardrail on sheet metal.

In addition to the anchorage points on sheet metal, a number of anchorage points mod. ALU12 were installed with attachment to concrete.

Recovery of the injured person by rope rescue.