VerticalX Vertical lifelineFlexible lifeline for ladders and vertical walkways.

VerticalX Vertical lifeline

Vertical X is a flexible lifeline suitable for protection against falls from heights to be installed on ladders and vertical walkways.

Thanks to the geometry of the end supports and the cable grommet, the passage of the shuttle is smooth and precise, guaranteeing an immediate stop at all times in the event of the operator accidentally falling.

Engagement and exit of the fall arrest shuttle can be performed at any point in the system.

The shuttle is equipped with an energy absorber according to EN 355 to limit the stopping force to 6 kN, is certified according to EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 and is CE marked.

The system is mainly installed on existing ladders, but a wide range of standard and special brackets allows it to be applied directly on load-bearing structures.


VerticalX Vertical lifeline


Top step fixing


Step fixing support


Terminal element


Cable gland


Vertical trolley


Vertical trolley with energy absorber

The shape of the fall arrest device allows easy movement both up and down.
The fall arrest shuttle stops immediately if the operator falls.

The VEX001 fall arrest device consists of a main body, a jaw, an EN362-compliant connector and a textile-type energy absorber.

Terminal element

It is made of stainless steel and is fixed directly to the structure or to the existing
staircase with special brackets (VEX016 – VEX017 – VEX006).

Materiala: stainless steel

Cable gland

For outdoor applications, it is essential that the cable is guided every 9 meters to avoid oscillation due to the wind; the oscillation of the cable could damage thestructure or the cable itself.

Materiale: stainless steel

Cable and tensioner locking system

The element is made of stainless steel (AISI304) and the length of the vest is 200mm.

Bracket for fixing on upright

The VEX006 bracket can be fixed on stair uprights having the following

  • Round bar 28 ≤ Ø ≤ 60 mm
  • Square profile L ≤ 60 mm,
  • Rectangular profile L ≤ 100mm, l ≤ 60 mm

Top fixing

The upper bracket, fixed to the ladder, is subject to a maximum force of 6 kN in
the event of a fall.

Additional bracket

For outdoor applications it is essential that the cable is guided every 9 meters to
avoid oscillations caused by the wind; The additional guide is fixed to the ladder
with two brackets:

  • on the stair riser with the VEX006 bracket
  • on the pegs with VEX017 brackets.


The cable is supplied with tensioner (M.12X200 INOX threaded terminal) already crimped on the upper end of the line.

Material: stainless steel


Materiale: aluminium


  • High standards of ergonomics and safety

  • Immediate safety lock

  • 6kN energy absorber

  • Design flexibility

  • High-performance materials

  • Ten years warranty


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