Allukemi Plus LifelineAnchor device with non-deformable energy absorber

Allukemi Plus Lifeline

The name Allukemi comes from the fusion of the words Aluminium and Ukemi. Aluminium is the material chosen to guarantee lightness and strength to the components of this line while Ukemi is the art of falling in some martial disciplines. Allukemi combines the lightness of aluminium with optimum protection performance in the event of a fall.

The Genesi Allukemi Plus lifeline is an anchor device with non-deformable energy absorber that complies with EN 795:2012 Type C, CEN/TS16415:2013 and UNI11578:2015 and is designed to protect up to 4 operators simultaneously.

Genesi Allukemi Plus, thanks to its characteristics, is also suitable for use during rescue operations, thus facilitating them.


Allukemi Plus Lifeline






Intermediate element


End element


Small arch for corner transmission




AP15 End element

It is used to create the starting and ending point of the lifeline. It is fixed on standard end supports, on special designed supports, and on PA and PAM plates for wall applications.

Materials: die-cast aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy extrusion, stainless steel screws

AP4 Intermediate element

It is installed at straight intervals of no more than 15 m and allows the connector to pass through in a sinusoidal movement. It can be mounted on standard intermediate supports as well as on the PIA and PAM plates.

Material: die-cast aluminium alloy

AP6 Arch for adjustable corner

Swiveling corner deflection bow that prevents accidental cable spillage at changes in direction. The bow is positioned in the rotating body of the AP15 element by means of a specially turned stainless steel screw.

Material: stainless steel

AP70 Absorber/Turnbuckle

Energy absorber/tensioner block to reduce kinetic energy in the event of a fall by cushioning the impact. It also performs the function of a tensioner for proper cable tensioning.

AP38 Tensioner

Tensioner for locking and tensioning the cable. Cable clamp and wedge for proper installation are also provided.

Material: stainless steel tensioner, aluminum alloy extrusion cable locking system and stainless steel wedge.

AP-CAV010 Cable

Cable that allows the operator to move safely along its entire length. A blue stranded wire and a Genesi-marked band mark the original cables.

Material: Stainless steel

PA Wall plate

It is used as a support for corner and end elements in wall or flat installations.

Material: aluminium alloy

PIA Plate for intermediate elements

It is used as a support for intermediate elements in wall or flat installations.

Material: aluminium alloy

PAM Wall plate

Universal wall plate for all lifeline elements and used at inside corners in installation walls.

Material: aluminum alloy

PAD Double plate

It is used as a support for two elements and is especially useful in the case of crossing between two separate lifelines.

Material: aluminum alloy

PAE External angle plate

Bracket support for all lifeline elements and used at outside corners in installation walls.

Material: aluminum alloy

BAX1410 Flat-base support

A reinforced flat-base stand used as a support for all line components, it consists of an aluminum pole and a tumbler base with a truncated-pyramidal side surface.

Material: stainless steel base; aluminum alloy extension pole

CP-AP Coounterplate

Counterplate CP-AP designed for the application of AP100, AP50 and AP50C supports.

Material: cataphoretic steel


  • High product performance

  • Custom support design

  • Ergonomy

  • Lightness

  • Simplicity and easy to use

  • Ten years warranty

  • Certifications according to the strictest industry standards

  • Verification test of proper installation


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